BOTD: Chocolate Quinoa, Tofu Scramble & a Banana Muffin!


It’s time for Sunday brunch!

Today we’ve got a delish-ish-ish setup of scrambled Tofu, banana-chocolate quinoa, banana muffins, avocado and almond milk! I recommend starting the muffins first, then the quinoa and last the tofu scramble. The muffins will be good for a while, especially frozen!

Here are the recipes:

Tofu Scramble


Firm Tofu

Mozzarella-style shreds

Nutritional Yeast

Olive Oil

Grape Tomatoes


Yellow Onion

Bell Peppers

Assorted Spices

Anything else yummy you want to add!


1. Chop up all vegetables you wish to mix in with your scramble. Add it to a sauté pan with some olive oil. Sauté until cooked but not charred.

2. Break up the tofu as you add it to the pan. Add vegan cheese and nutritional yeast to taste. Continue to sauté until tofu is warmed throughout and cheese melts.

Banana Muffin from Nutritionist Kitchen

Banana Chocolate Quinoa from Becomingness


Tori ❤

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